Hi, my name is Fernando and I create products for Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

I love coding beautiful interfaces pushing the limits of Cocoa and creating awesome apps.

+10 years of experience in development, product creation, conference talks and other consulting.

For freelance enquiries please get in touch


The most beautiful media center

Squire is a video player which organizes your movie and TV show collection, allowing its access from any Apple device. As a movie and TV enthusiast the primary goal has been submerging the user into the movie or TV show experience even before deciding to watch it. Extremely visual menus accompanied by their original soundtracks, interviews, trailers, extras… It allows you to breathe the essence of each movie and TV show. The project is a sample of how I envision a perfect popcorn movie night.


Your boarding pass, reinvented

Flightcard is one of my first projects for iPhone of which I’m busy developing its second version. When it was created all existing apps offered complex technical data and other kinds of information which to me didn’t seem useful for most users.


The app simplified flight tracking to the extreme. Flightcard offered and gentler, easier to understand version of it. The project gained instant recognition in tech media and blogs, as well as in printed magazines. Apple even mentioned the app at their keynotes of the 2011 “Tech Talk World Tour”.



Listen to songs directly from Youtube

The most beautiful place for your podcasts

Cloudcast is a podcasts player with a focus on intelligent playlists. I listen to a considerable amount of podcasts and I think the key for a good podcatcher app is minimizing the number of taps to access the podcast you look for. I think the solution can be handled with intelligent playlists paired to a direct, extremely clear interface. Cloudcast has a powerful playlist creator and manager to enjoy the ride mostly in autopilot.

I love to listen to music in platforms such as Spotify or iTunes Music. However I also enjoy playing the guitar, ukelele or piano, so I also love listening to versions of my favorite songs on YouTube. There’s a huge amount of anonymous talent. They just simply need a guitar, a piano or a violin to astoundingly re-invent that song I’m so fond of. So I created my own music app to enjoy this experience on my iPhone, creating my playlists and enjoying them offline in my car.


The best app for organize art galleries

ITgallery is a business focused on offering art galleries the best way to organize their pieces, exhibitions, contacts and artists. About a year ago I was contacted to rewrite their 2.0 application from a scratch, implementing the solution in Swift.


After putting hard work on it we were able to offer their clients an agile, robust application that’s also greatly powerful. It’s not only a gallery viewer but it also allows to sell or reserve pieces charging over credit cards from anywhere and with just a few taps.




CEO & Founder of ITgallery

Founder of Milestone Made, LLC

Design Director

We trusted Fernando for the development of our mobile app and we couldn’t be happier with the result. From the beginning he showed great commitment and professionalism towards the project. His knowledge and experience were of great help during the development process. He contributed to many ideas that we hadn’t even considered and ultimately made our app one of the best in the industry.


We must also emphasize that, in addition to a great professional, he is also a great person. Forthcoming and great to deal with, personal communication with Fernando was excellent throughout the project. We certainly recommend him with no reservations for any iOS project.

I'm most thankful for Fernando's contribution to my iPad note taking app Loose Leaf. I hired Fernando to help with some tricky Bezier path algorithms and code: the sort of problem that's math intensive yet still more heuristic than scientific. He was able to deliver a simple and elegant solution for my needs. I've also hired Fernando to help on some of my client work, and he's always been very communicative, on time, and always delivers quality code. Whenever I need iOS or Mac development work, Fernando's name is always top of mind.

As a designer, working with Fernando is delightful. His care for details, product seniority, and fast pace makes him a great fit for any company. I've worked several times with Fernando during the past and I'm looking forward to collaborating again soon.

Common Questions

Q. How much do you charge per job?

I always work flexibly, without closed budgets and billing per hour. I work on a 15 day sprint. Upon finishing the sprint I provide the client with a version that can viewed and touched on their own device. It’s the best way to perfectly realize how the product is coming to shape. Contact me and I will compile a custom estimation.

Q. Are you willing to work as freelance for an agency or startup?

In the past I’ve joined developer teams for big projects. If you’re an agency or startup in San Francisco, London, New York ... you offer a remote position, you have a team of brilliant people and a great product, maybe I am your guy.

Q. I’m a bit lost. I’m creating my MVP and I need someone to guide me through the process. Could you please help me?

Of course. Developing the app is one side of the job but if you need it I can take care of everything for the app to work: design, interaction, API REST, Amazon Web Service infrastructure, application uploading to the App Store, metrics integration, beta version distribution, ASO, etc.